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by Jason winley

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No River Wide Enough: British Emigration is One Big Love Story

by Jason winley

The droves of Brits jetting off for lives elsewhere might have you confused. You know the weather is terrible, but there’s lots to do indoors! The UK has got the best humour, a rich history and culture, food from every nation, free healthcare and a landscape to die for. Leaving all of this behind has got to be tough, but – we do it for the love!

Why did you emigrate?

The Expat Blues: Our 5 tips for Tackling Homesickness

by Jason winley

You’ve done it. Made the big move your dream destination. Whether for love or money, you’ve decided that this new country is home for a little while. You’re just starting to get into your groove, when a nagging ache for home starts cramping your style. Before long, this feeling has grown, quickly spiralling into self-doubt. “Did I make the right decision?” “What am I doing here?” “Could I fly home this weekend?”

We have all been there. Short of flying halfway round the world just to smell the familiar air, BFSO recommends a few handy ways to tackle the Expat Blues.


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