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No River Wide Enough: British Emigration is One Big Love Story

by Jason winley

The droves of Brits jetting off for lives elsewhere might have you confused. You know the weather is terrible, but there’s lots to do indoors! The UK has got the best humour, a rich history and culture, food from every nation, free healthcare and a landscape to die for. Leaving all of this behind has got to be tough, but – we do it for the love!

Why did you emigrate?

For the love… of money!

Almost 60 percent of British expats have left the UK for work related reasons. Australia, Spain, the US and China are some top destinations for our money-making emigrants. After all, financial services are the UK’s biggest export. This means lots of professionals from that sector are being offered attractive careers overseas. But if your Mandarin is rusty, there are lots of less conventional ways to make an international buck. Red Barton is an expat who spends his time reporting on carnivals across the globe. There’s not a procession he’s not taken part in – making him the go-to guy for all things feather-clad and hip-swinging. Check out his travels at @cltvMedia on Instagram!

For the love… of food!

The past decade has seen the rise of the “influencer” phenomenon. A new wave of digital nomads, making a living form their laptops, are now roaming the earth in search of delicious morsels to snap, film and blog about. Food is one of the best parts of travel, so there’s no reason not to dedicate your expatdom to an endless pursuit of all things delicious! Visit @SucculentBite on Instagram for food inspiration without borders. Pictured below is Coxhina, a Brazilian street-food favourite!

For the love… of the simple things.

No longer just the preserve of student backpackers and enlightened yogis, minimalism is on the rise! Britain’s cities are pretty fast paced, and sometimes the reason to start a life elsewhere is just for a little more laid-back way of life. So instead of heading into traffic for your commute each morning, you could be drinking green tea and smelling the roses. It’s about packing less and doing more. Besides, you don’t have to hoard your favourite snacks, the British Food Store Online is happy to deliver them to your door as and when you need them.

For the love of…. Well, Just Love!

Love knows no distance, but smooches over facetime just don’t always cut it, do they? According to homes.com, nearly 1 in 5 people have relocated for love! That just gives us the warm fuzzies. Even if you’re missing home at times, it’s a great payoff in the end. Instead of living in the place you love, you can love the person you live with. Plus, you get to explore a new city with your favourite person in the world! How’s that for memories? Most people who move for love say it’s a decision they’re happy with and would do it again.

No matter the reason you left Britain behind, #BFSO wants to hear your love story! Comment on our Facebook Page.


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