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Shipping Optimiser

Our customers tell us that one of their main anxieties when ordering British food online is the cost of delivery. Our products are provide value for money but we appreciate that is can be difficult to work out how much extra to expect to pay for shipping. We are proud to say that we can provide a solution to this.

Shipping Optimiser

We’ve therefore devised a tool to help alleviate these worries by ensuring our customers receive complete transparency and get the most value out of their shipping costs through our Shipping Optimiser. Our tool will be with you throughout your shopping to show you how much space you have left to optimise your package. The closer the bar gets to 100%, the more value you are getting from your purchase.

British Food Store Online charges shipping by each 25-30kg package. You may notice that your box appears full at around 25kg, but don’t worry - this is not a mistake. The capacity of your package is not calculated solely on weight, but also on volume so, if you order light but large packages, your box may fill up a little more quickly. To see what delivery costs to expect when you buy British food, please click here.


We Ship Worldwide!

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