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British Confectionary and sweets delivered worldwide.


Nothing is quite the same as the sweets and chocolate you had as a child so if you're missing any of your favourite British brands, stock up with us. Here we have all the traditional British favourites from Werther's Originals to Wine Gums to Trebor Extra Strong Mints and more. All our British sweets are delivered worldwide so you need never miss out when you fancy that sweet treat.

We have all the British sweets the kids will love too, from the major producers of British brands: Nestle and Cadbury. We've got buttons, crème eggs, smarties and much, much more; including all your favourite chocolate bars that are so hard to find when overseas, or if you do find them they cost a fortune!

We also have Fair-trade chocolate from Green and Blacks and from Divine, a huge choice of boxes of chocolates for special occasions and a range of Lindt chocolates for when you fancy something a bit luxurious.

A lot of our confectionary is also available in our bulk buy section for making great savings and making sure you never come up empty-handed when you reach for that favourite snack.